Aluminum alloy doors and Windows installation safety technology disclosure

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows installation safety technology disclosure




Construction preparation

Technical preparation

The location and size of the door and window opening are consistent with the construction drawing, and the technical disclosure shall be done according to the construction requirements.

Material preparation

The specification of aluminium alloy door window, model should accord with design requirement, hardware fittings is all ready, have product factory certificate, material to examine report and build manufacturer seal.

Wind pressure resistance performance, air permeability performance and rain water rope head performance inspection, its performance should meet the design requirements and relevant standards.

The door window that has heat preservation requirement, its heat preservation performance should accord with the regulation of design requirement and concerned standard.

Anti-corrosion materials, joint filling materials, sealing materials, anti-rust paint, cement, sand, connecting plate, etc., meet the design requirements and relevant standards.

The main machine

Aluminum alloy cutting machine, hand electric drill, impact drill, small electric welding machine, nail gun, rubber barrel, glass suction cup, wire saw, hand hammer, wrench, screwdriver, wooden wedge, supporting hand plate, line pendant, level, steel tape, ink fountain, etc.

Operation conditions

The main structure is checked and accepted by relevant quality departments. Project quality inspection has completed the handover procedures.

Play the center line of doors and Windows according to the size required by the drawing, and play the indoor +0.5m horizontal line. Doors and Windows should be installed along the building full height popover edge.

Check whether the size and elevation of doors and Windows meet the design requirements. Doors and Windows with embedded parts should also check whether the number, location and embedding method of embedded parts meet the design requirements.

Check aluminium alloy door window, if have split edge, channeling Angle and warping uneven, deviation exceeds bid, surface damage, be out of shape, loose reach exterior color difference bigger person, answer to negotiate with concerned personnel to solve, via processing check and accept qualified ability to install.

Paste protective film on the surface of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, check the protective film before installation, if there is damage, it should be repaired after the installation.

The construction technology

The process flow

Spring line positioning → door and window hole treatment → anti-corrosion treatment → aluminum alloy doors and Windows unpacking and inspection → aluminum alloy hand installation → aluminum alloy door and window frame in place and temporary fixation → aluminum alloy door and window frame fixed → processing of the gap between door and window frame and wall → cleaning → door and window fan and door and window glass installation → hardware accessories installation

Operation process

1 Spring line positioning

Along the full height of the building with a large line pendant (high-rise buildings should use theodolite to find a vertical line) lead to test doors and Windows, marking at each floor of the door window. And copy and measure the actual distance from the door and window opening to the door and window edge line layer by layer, need to be processed should be recorded and marked.

The horizontal position of doors and Windows should be based on the indoor floor +0.5m horizontal line to measure the elevation of the skin under the window upward, and the elastic line is straightened. Each layer must keep the same elevation of the window skin, aluminum alloy door opening at 0.51m.

The installation position of wall thickness direction should be determined by the guan Du of design requirement and windowsill board. In principle, the window sill size of the same room should be the same, and the window sill should be extended into the aluminum alloy window 5mm.

2 Door and window holes Should be chiseled or plastered if the door and window holes are tilted, not vertical or square.

3 Anti-corrosion treatment

When the exterior surface of the door and window frame has anti-corrosion treatment design requirements, it shall be handled according to the design requirements. If the design does not require, can besmear brush anticorrosive coating or stick plastic film to undertake protection, lest produce cement mortar to contact directly with the surface of aluminium alloy door window, produce chemical reaction, corrode aluminium alloy door window.

When installing aluminum alloy doors and Windows, if the connection of iron is fixed, the connection of iron, fixing and other metal parts with the installation of stainless steel is best. Otherwise must carry on anticorrosive processing, lest produce electrochemical reaction, corrosion aluminum alloy door window.

4 Aluminum alloy window water installation according to the actual requirements of the water is fixed on the aluminum alloy bed, and to ensure the correct position, solid installation.

5 Aluminum alloy doors and Windows installation in place according to the painted doors and Windows positioning line, install aluminum alloy doors and Windows frame, and then use wooden wedge temporary fixed.

6 Aluminum alloy door and window frame Fixed aluminum alloy door and window frame and wall are generally connected with a fixed piece, the fixed piece is 1.5mm thick galvanized sheet, the length of processing according to the needs of the site.

The connection between road alloy door and window frame and wall hole should be firm and reliable. The distance between fixed points should not be more than 600mm, and the distance from frame Angle should not be more than 180mm.

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